So, I think I finally understand…

…how this works.  Though it seems strange to me that you, or anyone, would be profoundly interested in what is happenin’, alas, we do live in a post-steroid era, iTunes society.  I recently bought an iPad and have learned what ‘apps’ are – apparently, they are kinda a big deal.  I got this one that is a metronome – !!! – the 21st century is, by all accounts, here at last.

Upcoming performances of wind music – Quad City Wind Ensemble, premiere of To Have Seen the Worst.  Really excited for this one – the group has been fantastic, accepting a piece that wasn’t exactly what they were thinking they would get.  But, say-la-vee.  Also, found out that my alma mater, GHS, is going to be doing Transcend the Night this May.  Very exciting, especially considering it is quite loud and, unless things have changed, will be performed in the gym – even moar loud.  Yay!

Is this even where I am supposed to be posting this stuff?

Lining up commissions for the summer – so far, saxophone quartet for Paul Nolen and the Iridium Quartet.  Very excited and honored to write for such a fantastic ensemble!  Also, finishing up some details on a possible chamber clarinet piece – also, super excited!  It is a wonderful feeling to not have to worry about what to write.  I feel spoiled, for sure.

All for now!

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