UNL Golden Gray performance

I don’t know how I forgot to include in my previous post, but the Carolyn Barber and her group at UNL programmed The Golden Gray on Tuesday, April 19th.

Well, I just got the recording of the concert – wow.  Fantastic playing!  The shape of the piece is not especially easy to grapple with (the climax is somewhat delayed, coming around the 80% point, with a slow burn up to that – coupled with a short period of falling action – eek.), but the piece speaks beautifully.  And the clarity of the ensemble, the individual lines, is so crisp – it really sparkles in the dissonance.

As I said in my previous post, I feel extremely spoiled.  It is one thing to write music, it is another thing to write music and get it played.  It is a completely different thing entirely to write music, have it played somewhere you are not by people who want to play it simply because they feel some sort of connection to it.  Happy day at 221 Florence.

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