The Paradox of Creativity

12/1/13: An empty two-lane highway somewhere in the cornfields of central Iowa or Illinois

12/2/13: A summer breeze blowing through a willow at dusk

12/4/13: There is gold, there is silver, there are diamonds to illuminate us

12/5/13: One light burnt out on a ceiling fixture

12/7/13: A ghost under the sink

12/8/13: What a horrible night to have a curse

12/10/13: …the influence of the earth

12/17/13: house plants in terracotta pots

12/18/13: the concept of the number 2

12/20/13: the day samantha discovered oranges were not her favorite fruit

12/21/13: and then they all turned into flowers

12/24/13: Solstice VII

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